Hello Beautiful: Meet the Festival Manager

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Life is extra beautiful when you get hired at your dream job. For Las Vegas native Lauren DelFrago it started with reading an article about the Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival and the excitement of having the event in her hometown. For the festival’s inaugural year in 2013, DelFrago was attending UNLV and doing collegiate marketing for the festival’s Red Bull’s Sound Select stage. She was hooked. An internship with the music team parlayed into a production coordinator position, and eventually became the festival manager in January 2016.

“One of my biggest passions is bringing people together and creating unforgettable experiences,” DelFrago says. The festival has grown into 18 city blocks of festival grounds in Downtown, thriving with music, art pop-ups and culinary villages that bring the community together. It’s a large feat to execute annually, and a day in the life of a festival manager can include anything from leading a weekly team meeting to jumping on a conference call with the operations team to go through the festival footprint.

A highlight of day-today operations for DelFrago are the map calls. “We are able to digitally map the festival footprint from start to finish and see it come to life when we start to build it,” she says. DelFrago feels lucky to be in an environment where she’s learning from some of the best people in the industry. The work never really feels like a job to her, because she’s doing what she loves.

As a music and festival fan, she’s felt the bliss of seeing her favorite band perform live, but having a hand in cultivating that experience for others in her city’s backyard brings her even more joy. Her mantra is to put positive and good vibes out into the world. “It can be something as simple as smiling at a stranger and turning their whole day around,” DelFrago says. “It’s those little things that really make life beautiful.” Indeed.

To hear more from DelFrago, check out the Hello Beautiful video above, where we meet the players making the festival what it is.