Hello Beautiful: Meet the Digital Marketing Manager

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When great minds come together, it’s a beautiful thing. Ellissa “Ellie” Morrissey was already a huge fan of Life is Beautiful before the chance meeting that would bring her to Las Vegas as digital marketing manager for the festival. Morrissey had entered a video contest in which she won free tickets and was hooked immediately by the music and the art. Fast-forward to the day when she met a stranger in a Life is Beautiful tee and proceeded to tell him he should attend the festival and that she was so taken by the phrase “Life is Beautiful” that she had it tattooed on her wrist. He turned out to be the CEO and hired her a year later.

Morrissey runs everything from social media feeds to work with sponsors, and it’s critical for her to have a good connection with the audience. “I feel like it creates a lot of conversations and almost makes our audience like ambassadors for us,” she says, “so if we create a company and a brand that’s fun and positive and available, I think that can only benefit us.” Being a manager has also allowed her to handpick interns who share her enthusiasm.

Digital marketing intern Kacey Robb is a Las Vegas native who fell in love with the brand after her first time at the festival as well. “Being able to experience that as a guest and then come in here and actually be able to speak to guests through Life is Beautiful channels and see what’s getting them going is really rewarding,” Robb says. She enjoys that the festival appeals to all ages and attends every year with her “concert buddy”—her mom.   

Angelica Mack is equally grateful to have found an internship and team she’s inspired by regularly. “I want to come to work every day and work really hard for something I’m passionate about, and I think everyone here does that really well,” she says. One of her favorite festival moments was watching Mumford & Sons with college friends. Mack was touched by the amount of love surrounding everyone.

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