Hello Beautiful: Meet the Production Coordinator

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For Life is Beautiful production coordinator Adam Christopher Smith, it’s all about the music. He can’t help but geek out about every part of a song and how it was recorded. “I really feel strongly about these pieces, these pieces of art that people create,” he says. It’s so important to him because he’s also a local musician who’s been engrossed in the Las Vegas scene and recognizes what it takes to make it to the main stage—to have a shot at sharing your art.

By day, Smith handles a variety of tasks, including measuring dirt lots for vendors and project-managing the festival guide. In his spare time, he’s recording a new album with his band, O Wildly, in a studio on the festival grounds. Last year, they got to play in the Battle of the Bands showcase, which grants the winner a spot on the Life is Beautiful lineup, and this year he got to help plan the event. “It’s this really cool full-circle moment for me,” he says.

One of Smith’s favorite things to do after the festival ends is cruise around on a golf cart with a cigar in hand and take in all those thousands of people who’ve had an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. “I kind of half smile and half cry, and kind of just enjoy what we’ve all done—what all these people have put their hearts into,” Smith says.