Rachel Platten Fights for Positivity

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“Optimism takes incredible work; being happy and positive is hard,” admits singer Rachel Platten. “I wake up nervous just like everyone. I wake up kind of feeling down about myself, and that’s much more normal than waking up, like, ‘I am going to conquer the day.’”

It’s a somewhat surprising admission, given that we could easily picture the singer of “Fight Song” waking up each morning with her fist in the air, belting her iconic anthem as she gets ready to take on the world.

In a candid conversation with journalist and author Cal Fussman on Life is Beautiful’s Beautiful Moments podcast, Platten says she struggles to overcome internal fears every day, and a feeling that “I’m not going to be enough, or give enough to people—that I have this beautiful opportunity and I’m going to mess it up.”

A person can get to a better place through work, she explains.

“What I do when I need to understand a lesson, I write a song about it,” Platten says. “And once I have that song out there, that piece of me can release and go out to the world, and it’s not a fear anymore.”

Listen to Platten discuss overcoming her anxieties, her career path and “Fight Song” on the complete Beautiful Moments podcast below. Want to listen on the go? Download the podcast here.

Episode Three: An Interview with Rachel Platten